Dr. Boris Merinov
People and Collaborators
"One of our most powerful resources is the insight of our colleagues"
Peter Agre
People and Collaborators
"One of our most powerful resources is the insight of our colleagues"
Peter Agre

People Working on Fuel Cell and Battery Projects

Dr. Boris Merinov, Director of Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies
Dr. Andres Jaramillo-Botero, Director of Multiscale Modeling and Simulations
Dr. Robert Nielsen,
Director of Catalysis
Dr. Sergey Zybin, Director of Materials at Extreme Conditions

Dr. Tao Cheng
Dr. Daniel Brooks
Dr. Saber Naserifar
Dr. Moon Young Yang

Delowar Hossain
Jules Oppenheim
Yalu Chen
Yufeng Huang

Prof. Yu Huang, University of California, Los Angeles
Prof. Michael Hoffmann, California Institute of Technology
Prof. Boris Kozinsky, Harvard University
Dr. Frances Houle, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Prof. Francesco Faglioni, Universita degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Prof. Ulrich Bismayer, University of Hamburg
Prof. Michael Ortiz, California Institute of Technology
Prof. Julia Greer, California Institute of Technology
Prof. Timo Jacob, University of Ulm
Prof. Clemens Heske, University of Nevada
Prof. Robert Kee, Colorado School of Mines
Dr. Deborah Jones, University of Montpellier
Prof. Jacques Roziere, University of Montpellier
Prof. Markus Buehler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Prof. Adri van Duin, Pennsylvania State University
Prof. Pu-Wei Wu, National Chiao Tung University
Dr. Deborah Myers, Argonne National Laboratory
Dr. Alessandro Fortunelli, CNR-ICCOM
Prof. Ted Yu, California State University

General Motors, Ford, DuPont, Samsung, LG, Bosch
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